Unruh Selected to Attend Code.org Professional Learning Program

Congratulations to Mrs. Unruh for being selected to attend the Code.org 2018-19 Professional Learning Program for CS Discoveries. The program is an all expense paid opportunity that will lead Mrs. Unruh to Phoenix, AZ this summer.

Mrs. Unruh currently teaches a class called Introduction to Operating Systems and Application Development to 8th-grade students. Sitting in her class is indeed a treat for anyone interested in the fascinating world of coding. The students learn coding languages such as Swift (Objective C), JavaScript, and HTML.

Exposing our children to the science of coding means giving them a head start in the world we live in today. Career paths are growing for this technology and understanding it while they are young will only make it second nature for those who choose to follow the path.

Mrs. Unruh’s experience in Phoenix will continue her education and allow her to keep the curriculum flowing in the fast-paced world of coding. We hope you have a fantastic time Mrs. Unruh and thank you for bringing this science to our young students at Shawnee Heights Middle School.


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